With a scorcher spring, the garden has never been so full, the badly needed rain came but is also staying…still everything is pretty early, plump tomatoes expected, beans and peas already been picked, outside strawberries appearing on desserts and raspberries due shortly with black and white currants, new red currants only planted this year should produce for 2021.

Putting in place a premaculture area in the middle of the orchard, something new to me !

Otherwise, loads of unusual fruits and vegetables around, cucamelon making their return, oxalis plants, tronboncino, white melons, okra, yellow beans and sugar snaps, white strawberries and pineberries to name a few, splitted and extended the asparagus patch with older and new plants, from 20 to over 100, so expecting great asparagus from next year, and yes, this was a huge job !