We have a huge amount of fruits and vegetables growing now, following a late start in spring, the hot wearher helped catching up, for the first time we have loads of native and mining bees around and our local bumblebees are back in numbers. Ladybirds are keeping whitefly population down and red spider mites are non existant thanks to the introduction of our voracious predator mites.

Berries are in huge amount this year, logan, golden and red raspberries, red and white alpine strawberries, black and white currants, gooseberries and of course strawberries.

Using a lot of courgettes flowers and herbs in the kitchen and will be starting harvesting tomatoes this week. still producing interesting vegetables, you will find tromboncino, blue kohlrabi, yellow runner beans, purple and white carrots, patisson and yellow courgettes regularly on our plates to name a few.