Les Olives Farm and Food opened it’s door in December 2014 in our new premises on Abbey street, Naas, but the adventure started back in 1996 just next door !

Following the setting up of our fruit and vegetable farm we felt that the best way to offer our products was to bring them directly to our customers either as ready to eat products like jams, sauces and preserves or as part of our daily dishes on offer to eat in.

We introduce ready meals to take away a couple of month later and we offer classic traditional dishes full of goodness and flavours in one portion barquette.

We grow using mainly organic ways but as a keen learner to new technics, we introduced some hydroponic growing with great results.

After many years of food service and cooking behind us, having one of the best restaurant in the Leinster area for twelve years, we decided to change our way of life and open a real farm food shop with a small seating area for lunch and dinner, over the last couple of years, the shop element was reduced and we have now a few more seats to cater for the demand, everything is home cooked using the best Irish meats, fish and fruits and vegetables of course, breads, pastries, cakes, ice cream and biscuits are baked in house daily and we have on offer a good selection of naturally cooked sauces, jams and preserves using what grows pesticide free seasonally in our garden.

Our aim is to grow and serve tasty quality food at reasonable prices, by growing and transforming ourselves the raw products, we will get you to discover things that you might have never seen or tasted before, bringing real tasty food back on a plate.

Our range of portioned frozen ready meals is growing and changing regularly and we cater for outside parties or special event orders.

Our meats comes mainly from small local farmers, our free range chicken and ducks are from Rathangan, the fish from the Irish shores and most of our vegetables are grown on our farm in county Kildare.

We introduced wines early 2015 and have a “huge” selection of 3 whites and 3 reds, sparkling and Champagne, we take wine selection very seriously and are changing them regularly, our wine knowledge comes from years of selecting and tasting wines from our previous restaurant, having won numerous awards for our 250 wine list.

We serve dinner on friday for private groups only sitting between 16 to 22 people and saturday nights, customers are required to be in between 7.00 and 7.30 so that everyone is served together in a leisurly manner, no tables are turned so no one have to rush, we offer two starters and two main courses to choose from and a selection of desserts or cheese, using the best seasonal home grown and local quality products available.

Lunch is served wednesday to friday from 12 till 3 and dishes are choosen from our daily changing blackboard.