one of the coldest July recorded and it shows on anything growing outside.

mixed basils seeds in small pots, Morel de Balbis and Coqueret du Perou planted in raised beds and large pots, sow Aztec broccoli seeds.

Decided against grow bag this year for some of the tomatoes, got loads of large builders soft plastic buckets during the winter, so that’s where my tomatoes are going, filled with a good mix of compost, top soil and grow more, drilled a few holes at bottom sides, two plants in each, at least the root systems should be happier than in these skinny shallow bags i always find it hard to water and keep them at optimum condition in tunnels.

sow different beans, runners, mangetout and potted cucamelon seedlings.

First melon forming but would do better in hotter temperature, lifted over wintered garlic, first one in three attempts to be successful , sow 3 new types of basil and more mixed carrots.

Berry pickings and first jams made, strawberries, blackcurrants, loganberries, the outside strawberries in their third year now were amazing.